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Our Insight Monitor reports real-time changes in the supply of and demand for 26,000 unique food and beverage terms, including ingredients, preparation methods and supply sources – and the tens of billions of combinations they form.

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Product Development

Every customer’s Insight Monitor produces dynamically-updated rankings of food- and beverage-related terms based on 16 different measures – including three proprietary measure of unmet consumer demand – within one or more geographic areas pre-selected by them.

Customers can use this list, and other analytic tools, to construct high-scoring menu items or retail food and beverage products, or modify existing items or products, with the help of our Item Builder, which makes real-time ingredient and other suggestions based on unmet consumer demand for ingredient combinations and other factors.

Portfolio Diagnostics

Our Portfolio Builder makes it easy for customers to create portfolios of existing menu items on our system that meet certain criteria that are relevant to their business.

For owners and operators of restaurants, a portfolio might consist of all menu items across one or more locations that contain a common ingredient, or products from a particular supplier.

Suppliers to restaurants on our system, including farms, manufacturers and distributors, can specify portfolios consisting of menu items that contain one or more of their products.

Our Portfolio Diagnostics Screen then allows those customers to track changes in consumer demand for, and consumer satisfaction with, the portfolios in response to marketing initiatives, operational changes and external factors, including general shifts in consumer preferences.

Activity Feed

Our Activity Feed indicates which menu items on our system are being engaged with by users of the WhatToOrder app, without disclosing any information about the users themselves.

Our data customers can create portfolios of menu items, menus or entire restaurants that they own or manage, and have their finger on the pulse of consumer interest in every menu item in those portfolios. All activity shows up in real-time, except rating activity is delayed by one hour to further protect the privacy of our app users.

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