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WhatToOrder is the only dining resource that starts by showing you every single restaurant in your chosen location, and does so without altering the ranking of results in any way. So, whether you plan to dine in or take out, you'll see every option, in the order you'd expect. You can then refine your results by specifying a time, cuisine, food category, dish name, ingredient combination or the farms where the food originated. You can even filter by the dietary or sustainability attributes of individual dishes, or by the reservation and delivery partners of each restaurant. And once you've found a place, you can call, get directions, and link to each of its reservation, delivery and review partners – all from WhatToOrder.

Beyond Cuisine

Knowing the cuisine of a restaurant can still leave you guessing about the dishes that are actually on its menus. At the same time, restaurants specializing in vastly different cuisines often serve the same or similar dishes. For example, on our system, you can find fried chicken in 42 different cuisines, and crab cakes in 40 different cuisines. Think beyond cuisine, and search menus directly for the dishes and ingredients you want.

Share the Love

Today’s restaurant chefs are producing a staggering variety of culinary gems every single day. Rate them on WhatToOrder, then share with friends and followers. You’ll be doing them a favor, and at the same time helping a promising new restaurant or talented young chef to get discovered.


We don't generate any revenue from ads, transactions, sponsored listings or boosted rankings in search results, so you can be confident that you are seeing ALL results relevant to your search criteria, in the order you want to see them.


Since you can link to all reservation, delivery and review platforms relevant to each restaurant from WhatToOrder, there is no need to start your search anywhere else. You can even filter your search to see only results from restaurants that are on the reservation and delivery platforms you use.


WhatToOrder makes it easy to eat healthier, and help the planet. You can filter your searches for terms such as Grass-Fed, Free-Range and Hormone-Free, or find locally-sourced food by searching for specific farms, like Sullivan County, Ronnybrook, Four Story Hill and Feather Ridge.


If you have a dietary restriction or preference and are in an unfamiliar restaurant, or neighborhood, don’t worry. You can filter a single menu, or thousands of menus, for terms like Vegan and Gluten-Free.


Simply by using WhatToOrder, you help determine what types of foods make their way onto menus and store shelves. We make anonymized search data available to businesses all along the supply chain, so that they can respond with new offerings, not new ads.


WhatToOrder maintains a history of every dish you’ve ever rated, complete with your own notes and photos. It’s called My Ratings. Use it when you want to try your favorites again, or make recommendations to others.

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