Read the Room

By utilizing our Smart Menus, your business will get unfiltered, real-time feedback from your customers through your own personal dashboard on our Insight Monitor.

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Ranking Screen

The Ranking Screen shows dynamically-updated tables of:

  • Food- and beverage-related terms on your menus that generate the most searches and engagement by your customers.
  • Menu items (as well as groups of items, called “Portfolios”) that generate the most engagement and highest ratings by your customers.

Think of the Ranking Screen as an up-to-the-minute source of new food and beverage ideas that your business can use to ensure your menus are in line with what your customers want.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed shows you which of your menu items are being engaged with most often by your customers, without disclosing any personally identifiable information about them.

All activity shows up in real-time, except rating activity is delayed by one hour to further protect the privacy of your customers.

Portfolio Builder

Our Portfolio Builder makes it easy for you to create portfolios of existing menu items on our system that meet certain criteria that are relevant to your business.

A portfolio might consist of all menu items across one or more locations that contain a common ingredient, or products from a particular supplier.

Once a Portfolio is created, it can be loaded into the Ranking Screen or Activity Feed, so you can see how it is performing.