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Organize, and reorganize, all your menus from one screen. Distribute menu updates to any recipient in seconds. Archive seasonal menu items. Increase your visibility to thousands of prospective customers. For free.

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WhatToOrder Menu Manager

Distribute Menu Updates

Email menu information and menu item photos to a list of recipients you specify, including your delivery, reservation, web publishing and menu hosting partners.  Any menu files you distribute can be filtered to include only items that have been added or modified as of a date you specify.


Archive and organize seasonal and discontinued items that might be reintroduced to your menus in the future, or that you just want to keep as a reference. These items won’t be visible on the WhatToOrder app.

Control Your Data

Since our Menu Manager is free, cloud-based, and independent of any other service provider, and because all of your data – including menu item photos and archived menu items – is downloadable on demand, you will never be at risk of losing it.

Get Found

Using the WhatToOrder app, prospective diners can rapidly compare and choose from among many similar menu items at different restaurants.  In this format, even slight differences in the quantity and quality of information can make a difference.  By using the Menu Manager, you can increase your chances of getting found on WhatToOrder.

Since we expect our app users to increasingly employ multiple, specific search terms, including ingredients, you can improve your visibility by being descriptive and transparent.  This means including information regarding the source of your food, cooking methods, and specific ingredients.

In addition, we expect our app users to increasingly filter their searches with dietary or environmental tags, resulting in the demand for most tags far exceeding the supply of menu items containing them. Consequently, tagging items can increae the frequency with which your menu items show up in search results.

POS Integration

We are actively working with several Point-of-Sale (POS) providers, delivery providers and web publishing companies to integrate our APIs in such a way that any changes you make on our Menu Manager will automatically and instantly be reflected on their systems.  We have endeavored to include all necessary data fields in the Menu Manager, including fields that accommodate item variations, substitutions and add-ons.

If you are interested in this feature, please encourage your current partners to reach out us to begin the process at [email protected]

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